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CMMWorks Demonstrations

The following videos demonstrate CMMWorks functionality. All are Macromedia Flash videos with no audio.

CMMWorks Fundamentals: A brief demonstration of how to create and post-process a simple CMM part program.

CMMWorks Part Program Simulation: An overview of CMMWorks' abilities to simulate the probe motion and detect collisions, and adding clearance points to avoid the detected collisions.

CMMWorks Part Program Editing: An example of how easy it is to modify an existing CMMWorks part program.

Frequently Asked Questions about the CMMWorks demo videos:

Do the SolidWorks parts need tolerance information?
No, you can enter the tolerance information you need using either CMMWorks panels, or SolidWorks Geometric Tolerance Annotations.

Can you use tolerances from SolidWorks drawing files?
Yes, you can open a drawing file while using CMMWorks and select dimensions and tolerances from the drawing in order to define CMMWorks tolerances.

Do I need to setup a CS in my program?
No, you can recall a saved CS and start with that. You just need to have a corresponding SolidWorks reference coordinate system located in the same location of your assembly.

Does CMMWorks work with imported parts?
Yes, you can use CMMWorks to program any 3D surface-based parts imported into SolidWorks. CMMWorks, however, does not work with 2D drawing geometry.

What if my CAD part geometry is not correct?
For any feature you define in CMMWorks, you can edit its parameters. For example, if you define a circle on a hole, you can edit the circle radius and location. This also allows you to measure an in-process hole or feature whose dimensions are not the same as the CAD part.

I need to setup my CS on fixturing and/or the CMM table.
No problem, just add them to your SolidWorks assembly. You can then select them to define features in the CMMWorks program.

Can I change my part location and/or orientation after I've created my CMMWorks program?
Yes, you can change the position of your part and the CMMWorks program will adjust.

How much do I need to know about CMM programming?
You do need to know the basics, such as CS setup and probe use, but CMMWorks will automatically take care of many of the details for you, such as setting the workplane, assigning datum names for DMIS programs, and adjusting approach & retract values for small holes.

Do I need to create a CMMWorks tolerance for each of my features, even if its the same?
No, CMMWorks tolerances are global: once defined, it can be used with many features.

I have specific blocks of commands I need to get into my CMM programs.
No problem, CMMWorks allows you to enter individual commands into the program, or you can specify a file of commands that will be placed into the posted CMM program.


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