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Accurate, Simple, Effective CMM Programming for SolidWorks

AccuMetria CMMWorks uses an intelligent, metrology-based programming environment to easily create and edit CMM programs. You don't need to know any CMM languages. Simply select the geometry to inspect, the probe to use and the tolerances. With CMMWorks, its easy to change the sequence of the program, and to update the program when the SolidWorks geometry changes.

Creating CMMWorks Program from Assembly Image courtesy of O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.


Off-line programming of CMMs offers several benefits. It prevents CMMs from being tied up during on line programming, thus increasing their efficiency. It allows the programmer to directly use the CAD model to obtain accurate geometry and tolerance information. Using the CAD model to create the CMM program also allows the programming to be completed before any physical parts exist, which helps streamline the manufacturing process. Off-line programming also helps to eliminate program errors that can lead to probe crashes.

Running CMMWorks Program on CMM

Fully Integrated with SolidWorks

Because CMMWorks is fully integrated, there's no need to export the geometry data from SolidWorks. No risk of geometry corruption and no loss of dimension and tolerance data. While creating your CMM program, you can select your toleranced dimensions and geometric tolerances directly from the model or drawing data.

Dimensions and Tolerances

Ease of Use

Creating a CMM program with AccuMetria CMMWorks is easy and based on standard metrology practices. AccuMetria CMMWorks can duplicate program sections for when your part has repeated geometry patterns. For profile inspection, CMMWorks can create inspection points on surface intersection curves. Full on-line documentation is provided, as is an on-line tutorial.

Intersection curve inspection

DMIS 4.0 and Other CMM Languages Supported

When you're ready to download to the CMM, AccuMetria CMMWorks outputs an ANSI standard DMIS 4.0 program.

CMMWorks creates a DMIS 4.0 program file

CMMWorks supports the following CMM languages:
  • DMIS 4.0
  • GeoMeasure
  • GeoPak
  • MicroMeasure IV
  • Tutor
  • MeasureMax


AccuMetria CMMWorks also provides CMM motion simulation complete with collision detection. Using simulation, you can verify your program will not cause unwanted and expensive collisions between the probe and the part, fixturing or CMM itself.

Simulation with Collision Detection

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